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A Young Man Shot in the Head by Security Forces is in Critical Condition


Al-Duraz – Bahraini security forces have unexpectedly attacked and seriously wounded a number of protesters on Thursday, January 27th, 2017, who were gathered in the village of Al-Duraz. Seventeen-year-old Mustafa Hamdan was one of the youths injured in the attack, and he sustained a gunshot wound to the head. According to Mustafa’s family, their son is still anesthetized, and he ...

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Sickle Cell Anemia Patient, Detainee Jasem Alayan Goes on Hunger Strike


Karranah – According to the mother of detainee Jasem Alayan, her son, who suffers from severe sickle cell anemia, has gone on an open hunger strike since Tuesday, November 29th, 2016, to protest against the Bahraini authorities’ insistence on depriving him of urgent medical treatment and preventing him from seeing a hematologist. Human rights activist Ebtesam AlSaegh added that according ...

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A Moroccan Felon Perpetrated the Attack Against Female Bahraini Prisoners of Opinion


Bahraini human rights activist Ebtesam AlSaegh has confirmed that a Moroccan female prisoner convicted of a criminal offense perpetrated the attack against three female Bahraini prisoners of opinion incarcerated at the Isa Town Women’s Prison a few days ago. The families of three prisoners of opinion, Tayba Ismail, Tayba Darwish, and Maasouma AlSayyid, affirmed that their daughters received death threats and ...

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Bahrain Sentences Detainee Yousuf AlEskafi to 1 Year, for a Total of 8 Years in Prison & Citizenship Revocation

yusuf eskafi

AlBilaq AlQadeem – Bahrain’s judiciary has sentenced detainee Yousuf Aqeel AlEskafi to one year in prison. It is worth noting that Bahraini security forces arrested Yousuf on January 28th, 2016, and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison in addition to citizenship revocation for allegedly establishing an “armed militia” with 14 other detainees.  

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Bahrain Postpones the Appeal of Detainee Saeed AlHayki, Sentenced to 48 Years


Samaheej – On October 30th, 2016, Bahrain’s judiciary postponed the appeal of detainee Saeed AlHayki until sometime in November. Detainee Saeed AlHayki, a Saudi national residing in the Bahraini village of Samaheej, and a father of three young children, has been sentenced to over 48 years in prison. Bahraini security forces had arrested him during the holy month of Ramadan ...

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Bahrain’s Judiciary Postpones the Appeal of Four Damistan Detainees


Damistan – Bahrain’s judiciary has postponed the appeal of four detainees from the village of Damistan until November 16th, 2016. The four detainees in this case were charged with “illegal assembly”, and they were sentenced to three years in prison. The names of the detainees are as follows, Ahmad Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, detained since May 8th, 2015. Detainee Ahmad has ...

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Detainee Mohamed AbdelHussein Basira’s Appeal Postponed

محمد عبدالحسين بسيرة

AlBilad AlQadeem – Bahrain’s judiciary has postponed the appeal of detainee Mohamed AbdelHussein Basira until November 16th, 2016. Detainee Mohamed was arrested by government forces from the courthouse on May 22nd, 2016, and he was later sentenced to three years in prison.

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Bahrain’s Judiciary Postpones the Trial of Detainees Ahmad S. AlMowali & Jassem M. AlMowali


AlMuqasha – Bahrain’s judiciary has postponed the trial of detainees Ahmad Sameer AlMowali and Jassem Mohamed AlMoawli until November 2016. Bahraini authorities had arrested Jassem AlMowali on March 16th, 2015, and accused him of “arson” before sentencing him to three years in prison. As for 22-year-old detainee Ahmad AlMowali, he was arrested on March 14th, 2015, after he was targeted ...

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Bahrain’s Tribunal Prolongs the Detention of Murtadha AbdelImam


Sanabis – During its session on Sunday, October 30th, 2016, Bahrain’s tribunal prolonged the incarceration of detainee Murtadha AbdelImam Hassan AlSheikh for another 15 days. It is worth noting that Bahraini security forces had arrested 23-year-old Murtadha in March 2016, and the young detainee began a hunger strike in May in protest against the mistreatment and deprivation of medical care ...

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Bahraini Authorities Arrest Ammar AlQalawi & Mahdi AlHaddad from Court after Sentencing Them


Sanabis – On Sunday, October 30th, 2016, Bahraini authorities arrested Ammar AlQalawi and Mahdi AlHaddad from the courthouse after the two youth were sentenced to a year behind bars.

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