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Bahraini Security Forces Arbitrarily Arrest Ali Mahfoud


AlBilad AlQadeem – Bahraini security forces continue to arbitrarily arrest youth in various villages in Bahrain. On Friday, October 28th, 2016, security forces arbitrarily arrested young Ali Mahfoud from AlBilad AlQadeem.

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Bahraini Security Forces Arbitrarily Arrest Majid Hussein Salil


Maameer – Bahraini security forces in civil attire have arrested young Majid Hussein Salil from the intersection by Sitra Complex. The arbitrary arrest took place on Friday, October 28th, 2016.

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Bahrain’s General Prosecution Releases Nader AlMokhtar after Accusing him of Reciting “Ziyarat Ashura”


JidAli – Bahrain’s General Prosecution has released Nader AlMokhtar, chairman of the JidAli Husseiniya, after interrogating him on October 28th, 2016, and accusing him of reciting “Ziyarat Ashura”, a salutatory prayer dedicated to Imam Hussein ibn Ali [AS], the grandson of the Prophet Mohamed [PBUH].

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No News of Detainees Mohamed Khalil & Hussein AlZaki since their Arbitrary Arrest on Friday


Abu Saiba – Bahraini security forces dressed in civil attire arrested young Mohamed Khalil AlMalik and Hussein AlZaki on Friday, October 28th, 2016, from the village of Abu Saiba. The two detainees have been held incommunicado ever since, and the authorities later announced that the detainees would be held for 15 days “pending investigation”.

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Bahrain’s Judiciary Postpones the Appeal of Tubli Detainees


Tubli – Bahrain’s judiciary has postponed the appeal of several detainees from the village of Tubli until December 20th, 2016. The detainees in question are Ibrahim Yacqoub, a member of Bahrain’s National Handball team, who has been arrested since June 17th, 2016; Ahmad Abdullah Muftah, arrested since February 20th, 2016; and Abdullah Issa Yahya.

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Bahrain’s Judiciary Postpones the Trial of 5 Detainees from AlDaih


AlDaih – Bahrain’s judiciary has, once again, postponed the trial of five young detainees from the village of AlDaih. The detainees are Yousuf Karim Khalil and Mahdi Saleh Yacqoub, who have been arrested since May 20th, 2016; as well as Issa AbdelAmir Yacqoub, arrested since March 20th, 2016; Haider Khaled AlTajer, arrested since March 30th, 2016; and Ahmad Issa AbdelHassan.

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Bahraini Authorities Arrest Ahmad Jaafar AlFarsani from the Airport

احمد الفرساني

AlDaih – Bahraini authorities have arbitrarily arrested young Ahmad Jaafar AlFarsani from Bahrain International Airport on October 27th, 2016. Ahmad was previously arrested on February 17th, 2014, and he was subjected to brutal torture during his imprisonment. The authorities decided to release him after three months, but he was returned to the Criminal Investigations Building and subjected to torture and ...

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Bahrain Sentences 7 Detainees from Karzakkan to 15 Years in Prison


Karzakkan – A Bahraini court has sentenced seven detainees from the village of Karzakkan to 15 years in prison, after accusing them of “illegal assembly”, “arson”, and “attempted murdered”. The court further fined the detainees in the amount of 10,200 Bahraini Dinars (approximately USD $27,059). The names of the sentenced detainees are as follows, Ahmad Issa AbdelHassan, son of martyr ...

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A Court Sentences Detainees Hussein AlBari & Hassan AlAsfour to One-Year in Prison


Sitra-Sufala – During its session on October 27th, 2016, a Bahraini court sentenced detainees Hussein Ali AlBari and Hussein Mirza AlAsfour to a year in prison for allegedly “covering for a wanted man”. Bahraini authorities had arrested 21-year-old Hussein, and 20-year-old Hassan, along with a third detainee, Hassan Ibrahim AbdelHassan, after raiding their residences in Sitra at dawn on September ...

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Bahrain’s Judiciary Postpones the Appeal of Detainees Falsely Implicated in the Bani Jamra Bombing


Bani Jamra – On October 27th, 2016, Bahrain’s judiciary postponed, once again, the appeal of 15 detainees from the village of Bani Jamra who are accused by the authorities of being implicated in the “Bani Jamra Bombing.” The authorities also accuse them of attempted murder of two naturalized police officers. The detainees in this case have all received harsh prison ...

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