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A Young Man Shot in the Head by Security Forces is in Critical Condition


Al-Duraz – Bahraini security forces have unexpectedly attacked and seriously wounded a number of protesters on Thursday, January 27th, 2017, who were gathered in the village of Al-Duraz. Seventeen-year-old Mustafa Hamdan was one of the youths injured in the attack, and he sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

According to Mustafa’s family, their son is still anesthetized, and he is breathing through a ventilator. His life hangs in the balance, according to his mother. Mustafa suffers from a fractured skull, a concussion, a brain hemorrhage, and bleeding from the nose and mouth. Some sources have suggested that the young man is now brain dead. The doctors were not able to remove the bullet, which is now said to be lodged in the young man’s skull, due to his young age and the fragility of his body.

The young man’s family has further stated that they have met with the physician treating their son, who, in turn, informed them that Mustafa was on the verge of death when he underwent surgery, and he had sustained a basal skull fracture. Furthermore, a major brain artery was severely damaged from the injury, and Mustafa was also continuously bleeding from his mouth and his nose as a result of the skull fracture.

As for the bullet that penetrated Mustafa’s skull, the doctors were unable to determine if it was live ammunition or bird shot pellets. They expect to know more depending on how the young man’s condition improves.

The Bahraini authorities bear full responsibility for the health and wellbeing of young Mustafa Hamdan, and they are to blame for the harm that has come to him.

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