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Absence of wise governance and democracy in Bahrain hinders the implementation of Mr Bassiouni’s recommendations

بسيونيDespite the official Bahrain News Agency Declaration to fully implement the recommenddations of the independent Commission of inquiry “Bassiouni” formed with the consent of the authority and the King of Bahrain himself following the events of February 14th 2011, but authorities continue to violate human rights and fundamental freedoms, notably the principle of periodic and genuine elections, transparent and full powers representative Council produces an elected Government, let alone the delinquency to levels that were not even in a Committee such as the deprivation of citizenship to citizens Bahrainis who demanded the principles of democracy, social justice and political reform.
Statement of Professor Cherif Bassiouni declared by the Bahraini authorities, explains the lack of good governance which advocates the involvement of multiple actors, such as civil society and the political forces and the opposition, and that recommended by the Commission on the truth in the first recommendation, which stipulates that the formation of an independent and impartial National Committee comprising eminent personalities from Bahrain’s Government, political parties and civil society to follow up on the recommendations of this Committee. ” While the declared implementation of recommendations is represented by one part only authority without any trace of this Committee, the working of this Committee on the laws and procedures applied in the after the events of February 14 and March 2011.
Bahraini authorities in administration the implementation of the recommendations give a negative signal about the intention to delve into human rights reform,
and inefficiency and ensured the preservation and fair justice, personal security and fair accountability and responsiveness of the right of citizens in partnership in State institutions and policy making and decision making, where the power is of the decision and is made and announced, as recently announced the end of the implementation of recommendations outside the mechanics of democratic institutions.
In this context, Bahraini German Organization for human rights and democracy calls authorities to reconsider the application of the recommendations of the independent Commission on know truth and go in human rights values-led reforms to allow for community partnership in official institutions and fight corruption through committees and mechanisms based on principles of accountability and transparency and participation.
The organization is demanding the authorities in Bahrain to stop about abusing of power to oppress citizens and stop override international treaties and conventions ratified by the Government of Bahrain which agreed therefore itself as demanding the release of political prisoners and symbols instead of circumventing the legal file to misrepresent statements and allegations go blank correctional projects has yielded over five years of legal and political crisis in Bahrain.


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