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About Us

About us

“BGO” Bahraini German Organization for Human Rights and Democracy e.V

It is a nonprofit organization  registered in Germany and established  by a group of activists aiming to strengthen the commitment of human rights and democracy principles in Kingdom of Bahrain .

Our Vision:
Expand the area of human rights in all fields in full measure and we are specialize in good governance & democracy, by working to urge the concerned as legislative or executive to activate it, raise awareness and empower citizens of their rights through education.

1– Improving the human rights situation specially good governance & democracy & equal participation in political and public affairs in Kingdom Bahrain .
2– Reinforce human rights principles and value in the International Bill of Human Rights.
3– Education and awareness of human rights .
4– Support human rights activists.
5– Activate human rights issues through the media.

1– Document and monitor human rights violations.
2– Communicate, work and interact with human rights organizations and civil societies.
3– Issuing human rights reports, and related statements and appeals.
4– Make a variety of events such as conferences, seminars and exhibitions
5– Train interested individuals who want to get involved in the field of human rights
6– To strengthen the relationship with institutions and individuals, and to cooperate with area of common interests.
7– Support victims of violations within our capabilities and capacity.

1– International conventions, treaties and regional of human rights.
2– The Bahraini and Arabic Systems and related legislation on human rights that meet the requirements of international law.

3- European regulations for Human Rights.